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"Our main value is our commitment with the client. We want our clients to feel us as a part of their company, as a key element of their organization, that they can have the feeling that we are with them at all times to help them achieve their business objectives."

Ignacio Bilbao Alonso

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"It’s been a number of years committed to craftmanship and to becoming a trustworthy team. In this new Law Firm, we go one step further by uniting our experience from multinational firms and specialised signature law firms. This is, most likely, what distinguishes us. Welcome to ITER Law!"

Iñigo Gómez Bilbao

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"After several years in big law firms, the time had come to develop a personal project, to make available to the market a new Law Firm based on the experience of a highly specialised team."

Miguel Huarte Arregui

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"Our goal is to provide solutions to the legal needs of our clients, achieving our personal and professional fulfilment, in accordance with the highest ethical and professional excellence standards. With this objective we strive to be the law firm of reference and the first option for our clients."

Carlos Tassara de León

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"My business experience has shown me that being accompanied by law professionals is crucial to having success. My choice of option is ITER Law: the law firm within the legal market dedicated to achieving this."

Ignacio Careaga Mozo de Rosales

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Infrastructure sector

The Infrastructure sector, the economy’s backbone and support of economic and social development, is currently dealing with two main challenges: obsolete and insufficient budget and growing needs of investment, operation and maintenance. To cope with these significant challenges, it is essential to design a transversal policy, to overcome political uncertainly and insecurity and guarantee long-term […]

Towards a circular economy in the construction and energy sectors

Circular economy Circular economy is the economic system in which the value of products, materials and resources stays in the economy as long as possible with the purpose of reducing waste generation to a minimum. As a result, the improvement of the economy’s and of the environment’s well-being meet. It applies to any good, product […]

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