Insolvency Law and Restructuring

In the Insolvency Law and Financial and Corporate Restructuring Area, we advise companies so that they can make the most appropriate decisions to restructure their business. This advice includes all corporate, corporate, labour and financial aspects.

Our extensive experience restructuring groups and companies enables us to design adjustment plans that meet the specific needs of the business and current market situation. We analyse the existing corporate structures and suggest a restructuring proposal in accordance with the client’s real needs. This may require mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, MBO, LBO and other corporate restructuring schemes.

Our advice to companies covers restructuring proceedings and debt refinancing, requesting insolvency proceedings, and accompanying the company throughout the proceedings, defence of creditors’ rights, advice on insolvency Administrators’ liability and advice on the acquisition of production unit within insolvency proceedings.

Our professionals -on occasions- act as insolvency Administrators, performing the functions attributed to them.




We define a “tailor-made” restructuring process for each company. In this regard, we assess the legal and economic possibilities of each client and offer effective and innovative solutions.

Iñigo Gómez Bilbao

Corporate restructuring, and an analysis of the company’s solvency as well as that of suppliers and clients, should be a daily priority for managers and executives. However, we find that decisions with legal significance are taken in solitude. Having a team of specialised professionals who convey serenity and methodology contributes to minimising, even overcoming, risks and difficulties.

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