Project & Contract Management

Project & Contract Management is the discipline providing legal support for the management of highly complex projects and contracts requiring strong coordination, in sectors such as transport, energy, and construction.

These are usually multi-jurisdictional projects involving numerous areas of the corporate structure (business development, sales, finance, insurance, communication, logistics, engineers, legal, etc.) and legal disciplines (corporate, commercial, contract, public tenders, logistics [Incoterms], financing, labour, or tax law).

These projects are often complex and fast-moving, with significant potential risks. If they are not managed with great care, they sometimes give rise to major conflicts.

At ITER Law, we know that companies need critical, up-to-date information on the progress and needs of their projects, in order to identify, prevent, and minimise risks, which is why we offer advisory and supervision services from a legal team with proven knowledge and experience in contract management.


  • At ITER Law, we are used to advising, supervising, and implementing contractual and legal obligations arising from the bilateral relations at the heart of each project, because good coordination and contract supervision bring benefits for all parties involved.
  • Mistakes in project coordination and management inevitably, always, lead to extremely costly breaches and inefficiencies.
  • We do not believe that contract management is essential for all projects and contracts, nor that it is exclusively the realm of sector giants: the usefulness of contract management is determined by the relative complexity of the project for a company, not by the size of the project in absolute terms.
  • The participation of a legal team with previous experience, allows us to identify and focus on the most relevant legal aspects.