Public Law and Regulated Sectors

Given our Sector Focus philosophy, at ITER Law we have a Public Law and Regulated Sectors team that, in an efficient, complete, and coordinated manner, provides comprehensive advice specialised in the transport and energy infrastructure sectors.

Our experienced team provides personalised legal advice, accompanying clients in all stages of project execution.

Our value proposition is characterised by a deep knowledge of the Public Sector and a constructive spirit, enabling the main agents and stakeholders, the optimal collaboration between the public and private sector and compliance with legal and administrative requirements.

We offer advice, response and accompaniment to the regulatory challenges and needs presented by our clients. We advise contractors and concessionaires of infrastructures and services in their relations with Public Administrations, both national and international economic operators -including investment funds-.

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  • Comprehensive advice on infrastructure projects in the energy and transport sector
  • Advice in all phases of hybridization projects until their complete materialization
  • Compliance with sectorial obligations: permits, licenses, authorizations, access and connection, etc.
  • Sectorial contracting in construction and operation phase: EPC, O&M, Asset Management, turnkey contracts, procurement of supplies and services, works contracts, agreements with suppliers and subcontractors, etc.
  • Public contracting: advice on the submission of bids, analysis of risks arising from the bidding specifications, filing of special appeals in procurement matters, against specifications, exclusion, award, modifications, etc. Advice in the execution phase, termination and liquidation of contracts
  • Contracting in restricted sectors: water, energy, transport and postal services
  • Advice on assets of the Public Administrations
  • Dispute resolution: special and administrative appeals
  • Patrimonial liability of the Public Administrations
  • State aid and subsidies
  • Ports and occupation of the public domain